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Pint of Branded Bitter

Pint of Bitter

Sizes - 3 ft x 2ft


The colour of the pint is a terracotta colour, similar to that of a pint of bitter.  The logo of the recipient's favourite brand can be placed in the centre of the glass.  This can be changed to a pint of lager or guiness.  

Typical Flowers Include:

Chyrsanthemums  and Gypsophelia. 

Artificial Designs
The designs shown are made with fresh flowers but this can easily be replicated in artificial silk flowers and the price is reflected below.  Please note that whilst it will look similar there will be obvious differences as the flowers will always look artificial. 

Appropriate for

Loved one

Close family member

Close friend

Extras - Please see options below

A ribbon can be added with a word on such as Mum, Dad or a name. (Please indicate name in comments box.))

A printed laminated verse can be added of your choice. (Please indicate family member or friend in comments box.)

A butterfly can be added.

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Pint of Branded Bitter

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