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Anthurium Wish

This is a front facing design with a modern approach to flower arranging.

Flowers included in this design will be mainly anthurium and tropical foliage.  Appropriate filler foliage and berries may also be added for extra affect.

Size (make your choice below)
£25 - Standard - Comes in a standard size box with water

£35 - Deluxe - Comes in a large box and is considerably larger and contains more flowers.

£45 - Premier - Comes in a large box and contains more choice, filler and chrysanthemum flowers

£55 - Exquisite - Comes in a large box and contains lots more flowers, distinguising design techniques and embellishments such as butterflies, diamantes etc

The colours chosen for this bouquet are pinks and whites.  

You can add various quirky things below from a diamante bow to a butterfly for just £1.50.
You can also add balloons and chocolate goodies from the choices below.

The bouquet is wrapped with tissue, kraft paper and secured with cellophane.  Raffia is tied around the box and all schemes compliment each other.

How to look after
This bouquet is very easy to look after.  A cup of water can be easily poured into the top of the bouquet every other day ensuring that the bouquet lasts as long as it should do.

(Please note this item is only available in our local delivery area. See our delivery page for more information).

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Anthurium Wish

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