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The Funky Florist

This design is front facing in water encased foam.  Our florists will choose a selection of flowers available from the stand to make a unique and funky design. 

Flowers typically included in this type of design will be gerbera, anthurium, lillies, sunflowers, roses or anttirinum.  Other seasonal flowers may also be present. Each arrangement in this option is designed differently so it really does make your design unique to you. 

£25 - Designed in a standard box.

£35 - Design in a large box with more flowers etc.

£45 - Designed in a large box with more flowers and designed techniques.

£55 - Designed in a larger box with even more flowers, deluxe foliage and designer techniques will be used.

This arrangement is designed in a box with water encased foam.  A complementary raffia is also chosen and used.

How to look after
This bouquet is very easy to look after.  A cup of water can be easily poured into the top of the bouquet every other day.

We have a great range of handmade personalised gifts, please click on the link below to browse. 


(Please note this item is only available in our local delivery area. See our delivery page for more information).

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The Funky Florist

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