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Funeral Package
When a loved one passes away, we understand that while some people want to focus on the flowers, others find it difficult.  We have put together this package to help ease the pain and upset this may cause.  Containing flowers for the main grieving family members, we feel it is the perfect combination of designs that will not only have a lovely impact but will also display a sentimental aspect as you can choose the deceased favourite flowers and colours.

Designs Included
1 x Mum loosly designed with deluxe flowers (this can be replaced with DAD, NAN, SIS)
1 x Double ended spray 3 ft
1 x Heart 12 inch

Flowers Included
Within this package you can choose from a variety of flowers including lillies, carnations, gerbera and roses.  Some people tend to choose a flower that the deceased family member favourited, others a favourite of their own.  Our florist will discuss the options open to you at any given time of the year.  The three mentioned are available all year round.  The same flowers will be used in all three designs.

You can choose up to two colours as a design scheme for your floral designs.  Popular colour schemes are; pink and white, purple and white, yellow and orange, red and white and white and green.  Red and white would be a good colour scheme if the deceased was a Manchester United or Liverpool fan whilst blue would be more suitable for an Everton fan.  Soft pastel colours are suitable for a femine lady whilst a bright colour scheme suits an outgoing personality.


Enclosure Cards
Each design can carry small message cards and if you are struggling to find the right words, you can choose an appropriate verse from our funeral card verse page by clicking the link below.


We hope that we have answered any questions you may have about our packages, but if not, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0151 424 7444.






(Please note this item is only available in our local delivery area. See our delivery page for more information).

Price: £250.00