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Flower Meanings

Below is a list of flowers and the general meanings behind them.  Not all varieties are listed but the common ones that florists use in general are.  This list will be added to at any time.

Aster - Symbol of love, daintiness

Bells of Ireland - Good luck

Cactus - Endurance

Carnations (general)- Fascination, devine love

Carnations pink - I'll never forget you

Carnations red - heart aches for you

Carnations white - sweet and lovely innocence

Carnations yellow - rejection


red - love

white - truth

yellow - slighted love

Daffodil - unrequited love

Fern - magic, fascination

Ivy - Wedded love

Larkspur - fickleness

Calla lily - beauty

Lily orange - hatred

Lily tiger - wealth

Lily white - virginity, purity

Orchid - love, beauty, refinement

Peony - shame, happy marriage


Coral - desire

Pink - thankfulness

Dark pink - thankfulness

Lavender - enchantment

Orange - fascination

Peach - modesty

Pink - grace and joy

Red - love and respect

Tea - I'll remember always

White - innocence and secrecy

Snapdragon - gracious lady

Stephanotis - happiness in marriage

Stock - blissful pleasure

Tulip - perfect lover, fame

Tulip red - declaration of love

Yellow - there's sunshine in your smile