Verses for funeral cards

Choosing how to say goodbye to someone can be very difficult.  If you are having trouble deciding what to write on your card, we hope that the ideas below may serve for inspiration.

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Rest in Peace
Goodnight Godbless
With deepest sympathy
Cherished thoughts
In heavenly love abiding
Remembered always
Peacefully sleeping
Safe in God's keeping
Cherished thoughts
Cherished Memories
At rest
Til we meet again
God saw you getting wearySo he did what he thought best
He put his arms around you, And whispered come and rest
Silent thoughts, secret tears, a simple wish that you were here
We'll never forget you, sleep well.
Treasured memories
Time may pass and fade away, But silent thoughts
And memories remain
Dear is your memory, Sweet is your name
Close to my heart, You will always remain
God took you I his loving arms, He saw you needed rest
His garden must be beautiful, For he only takes the best
Wherever I go, Whatever I do
I will always love, And remember you
If tears could build a stair case, And memories make a lane
I'd walk straight up to heaven, And bring you back
Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us every day
Unseen unheard but always near, Still loved and missed and very dear
'Til we meet again, As we know we will
There's a hole in our hearts, Ony you can fill
Gentle Jesus up above, Please give my baby
all your love