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Paypal Payments

We are happy to let you pay for your flowers with us at About Flowers but we need to let you know a couple of things first before you order your flowers online on our Widnes based florist e-commerce shop.

Because of the way that Paypal take payments, it is difficult (although possible) to change the delivery address as it works on the assumption that people want everything shipping to their own address.  So, because of this we get orders through with your (the customer) address. 

When we see this has happened, we always try our best to contact you to rectify it and take down the right details.  However, we do appreciate that the whole point of ordering online is that it can be done easily and conveniently without personal contact.  What we ask you to do therefore is to contact us via the contact us page with the name and address of the recipient of the flowers.  Your mobile number is also welcomed in case of any delivery problems (we never give this out or bother you unnecessarily). 

I hope this helps but please remember that if you do have any problems you can often reach us outside of working hours via social media (facebook) and also via email.  Other than that, we will ring you if there are any problems.