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Returns Policy

Obviously, our ultimate aim is to supply you with long lasting flowers. 

And, we are proud to say that our volume of sales speak for themselves. Customers have become confident in buying with us.

But, we are realistic and know that every now and again, our flowers may die prematurely or not meet with your expectations.  So rather than bury our head in the sand, we make this promise to you.

1. We will guarantee our flowers for 7 days

(although our feedback suggests that they last much longer)

2. If your flowers do not last this long, we will replace them.

(We do ask that you return them to the shop in order to receive a replacement)

3. If your flowers are not a true representation of what you ordered we will replace them.

(You need to inform us of this within 24 hours of receipt.)

Bad Feedback is more helpful than good.

If you are unhappy for any other reason, please get in touch.  We are all very approachable and if we don't know what is wrong, we can't fix it.

We hope that our promise gives you confidence in buying with us.

You can do this by emailing on info@about-flowers.co.uk

Thanks for ordering, we really appreciate your business.

Customers are everything to us... without you, we would not have been able to trade for the last 12 years.